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Diva Lenses Lava - 2 Lenses

Diva Lenses Lava - 2 Lenses

AED 145.00
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Brand Diva
Product Description

Your eyes are the window to the world - don't burden them with clunky glasses and specs. Diva Lenses are a gorgeous way to flaunt your beauty and enjoy the world to the fullest. 


Diva Lenses are easy-to-use lenses that are designed to be a part of yourself. They are made of 48% of water and you can easily replace them each month. No more uncomfortable experience -- crystal clear vision each time you wear them!


Diva Lenses celebrate individuality. We have more than 10 colors and a wide range of power options for you to choose from. Pick your ideal combination and make the Diva Lenses yours today! 

More Information
More Information
Base Curve 8.7
Lens Diameter 14.5
Replacement Monthly
Water Content 48%
Price AED 145.00
Brand Diva

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